What Are the Different Kinds of Jobs a Roofer Performs?

September 12, 2014

There are many different kinds of jobs that a roofer does, including estimating the work to the physical installation of roofing materials. Tile removers, tar applicators, and shingle installers are just a few of the different jobs commonly performed on many roofing job sites. On some kinds of rubber roofs, one of the most physically exhausting parts is the spreading of pea stone, while many green roofing systems have people that will lay the sod over the waterproof membrane installed on a roof.

One of the most vital of any roofing jobs is the job estimator. This individual, also referred to as the crew foreman, will meet with a potential client and provide them with an estimate on the cost of a new roof. Should this estimate be too high, the job could be given to another roofing firm, and should the estimate be too low, the job will not create a profit, or the homeowner could get angry at a higher final bill than the original estimated price. Since the estimator is the first person a client will meet with, the prices of the different materials, including colors, warranty information and features have to be clearly understood by the estimator in order to provide the correct information to their potential customer.

With some roofs, the entire pre-existing roof has to come off. This kind of job is handed over to a tear off crew. These types jobs include the removal of all the old shingles, tiles or roofing materials, the roof itself, usually plywood has to be removed to expose the rafters. The roof is then rebuilt by crews that have carpentry experience. Once the roof has been rebuilt, it is then covered using felt paper, and shingles, metal sheets or tiles by the actual roofer crews. This is done with an air powered nail gun, instead of the outdated hammer and nail method.

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